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External Mentors for Erasmus+ INSPIRE Social Enterprise Incubation Program

We are proudly introducing our external mentors for Erasmus+ INSPIRE Social Enterprise Business Plan Competition Incubation Program from Universitas Sumatera Utara. The first mentor is Mr. Robert Sianipar who is the owner and founder of Ulos Sianipar Gallery. Ulos Sianipar Gallery was established in Medan, North Sumatera in 1992. Following his family business tradition for selling Ulos fabric which is a traditional fabric from Bataknese, Mr. Robert then produces bags, shoes, clothes, and many other things combined with Ulos fabric. Also, Ulos Sianipar Gallery was the supplier of Ulos fabric in the wedding of presidential family. One of the purpose of Ulos Sianipar Gallery is to change the perspectives of Ulos in Fashion Industry.

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The second mentor we want to introduce is Mr. Aditya Kryoadi, S.T. He is the owner and founder of DreamArch Animation (DA). DreamArch Animation was established in Medan, North Sumatera in 2001. DreamArch Animation (DA) is an animation center engaged in making animation projects, provide animation courses for students, and selling animation souvenirs. Mr. Aditya has published several books about animation. He also became speaker in animation workshops.

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The next one is Mr. Trudly Karo Karo who is the owner of CV. Teknologi Tepat Guna. CV. Teknologi Tepat Guna was established in Medan, North Sumatera in 2009. CV. Teknologi Tepat Guna sells and accepts orders for tools for agricultures, plantations, fisheries, and so on. CV. Teknologi Tepat Guna produces various kinds of product such as fruit chip frying machines, bootle cover machines, seasoning grinding machines, and organic waste chopping machines. The customer can customized any machines or tools related to agriculture, plantations, fisheries.

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Last but not least is Mrs. Ros Marya Yasintha S.P., M.Sc. who is the Managing Director of CV. Topaz profiles which was founded in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra in 2011. This company produces polystyrene profile bars, which are the basis of furniture decoration, interior design materials and photo frames. Most of the raw materials to produce polystyrene profiles bars in the CV. Topaz Profiles nowadays are obtained by recycling styrofoam waste. This company has also started a campaign on recycling styrofoam waste on social media and is trying to convince the public that styrofoam waste can also be recycled.

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Total, there are four incredible external mentors for Erasmus+ INSPIRE Social Enterprise Business Plan Competition incubation program provided for all of the winners. All of the mentors were really excited to share their experiences and supervised all of the winners during the incubation program. the winners also said that their contribution and experiences has brought so much great ideas in developing their social businesses.