Requirements for Applying Student Exchange / Short Course Program VISA


1. Type of Student VISA:
a. VISA C9 (Short Course Program) Up to 60 Days (Extendable)
    A person who is attending a benchmarking activity, short course, or short training program
b. VISA C9B (BIPA Program) Up to 60 Days (Extendable)
    A person who attended a short course or short training related to Bahasa Indonesia

2. Cost
• IDR 2,000,000
* Billing payment deadline is 24 hours after the billing is issued

3. With this visa you can:
• Conducting activities related to benchmarking activity, short course, or short training program.
• Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.

4. Visa Validity
• his visa must be used to enter Indonesia within 90 days from the date of issue.
• Please note that the validity period is different from the period of stay, please check your visa for Information on the period of stay.

NO Document Size / Format File See Sample Download Description  
1 CV (Identity Information) 100-300 kb (.Pdf)   Download Provided by students  
2 Cover Letter, Declaration and Guarantee Letter of Sponsor 100-300 kb (.Pdf)   Provided by Iternational Affairs Office Provided by students  
3 Passport biodata page (Passport valid for at least 6 (six) months (for holders of travel documents other than passports such as emergency passports, documents of identity, etc. must be valid for 12 months). 100-300 kb (.Jpeg) Click Here   Provided by students  
4 A recent color photograph. 400x600px. 2 Mb (.Jpeg) Click Here   Provided by students  
5 Personal Bank Statement With Minimum Amount USD 2000 or Equivalent the Last 3 Months Period (including name, date of period, and balance account) 100-400 kb (.pdf)     Provided by students  
6 Letter of Acceptance from the Educational Institution in Indonesia (Proof of registration or certificate as a participant in benchmarking activity, short courses, or short training program from government agency or private institution.)  100-400 kb (.pdf)   Provided by the program organizer    



1. For the downloaded document No. 1, type in your actual personal data, print, sign and then scan the signed file or save in pdf.
* Ensure the scan results are not blurry and can be read clearly, scan documents neatly
2. The operator only uploads the file sent by the applicant to the online visa system if there is a refusal from the online visa party due to incomplete requirements, unclear documents, fake/inappropriate documents and so on, then the risk is borne by the applicant/student /the related person.
3. The Visa Fee (PNBP) that has been transferred to the country cannot be withdrawn if the visa application is rejected
All Scanned Files Send via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the format:
Subject : [Type of Visa] Full Name | Program
Example : [C9] IAO BINTI KUI | BIPA