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BPC Finalist Mentoring Activities conducted in the co-working space of INSPIRE-USU

In connection with the existence of the co-working space of INSPIRE-USU, the mentoring activities of finalists Business Plan Competition which is the next INSPIRE program was conducted in the co-working space located in the Master Management building - Universitas Sumatera Utara.The mentoring activities held in February 2020 were the first mentoring conducted in the co-working space. Previously, the mentoring was conducted in co-working space of Galery Ulos Sianipar, belonging to one of the external mentors Mr. Robert MT Sianipar, SE. In addition, separately each group conducted mentoring activities at the meeting room of the International Affairs Office – Universitas Sumatera Utara.
The existence of this co-working space enhances the spirit and motivation of BPC finalist because they can work together and use the equipment available in the co-working space.

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Prof. Isfenti, chairman of the Master of Management study program, provides a professional interior designer to design layout and interior of co-working space to attract and create a pleasant atmosphere for the students working in the co-working space. Hopefully after the end of the INSPIRE program, the co-working space can be used by all students, especially students who are interested in developing their social business ideas. On behalf of Univesitas Sumatera Utara, the vice rector for cooperation – Prof. Mahyuddin K.M. Nasution, Ph.D conveys gratitude to the Erasmus+ and to the INSPIRE project coordinator Mr. Dimitrios Doukas of the FH Joanneum University of Applied Science in Graz – Austria. It is strongly expected that USU may continue to strengthen the partnership and cooperation with INSPIRE HEI partners, and we look forward to successful and high level cooperation in the next years too.

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All members of INSPIRE-USU team, internal mentors, external mentors and representatives of each finalist BPC team attended mentoring activities conducted in the co-working space