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ERASMUS+ via INSPIRE grants computers and other equipment for co-working space

As the INSPIRE objective is Introducing to Social Entrepreneurship in Higher Education Institution in Indonesia, hence to support student activities in developing their social business ideas, the partner universities are required to provide co-working space to support the intended activities. To fill the co-working space, INSPIRE (co-funded by Erasmus+) grants computer equipment, printers, wireless projectors etc. While furniture such as computer desks, chairs, cabinets and so on is the obligation of the partner universities to provide.The room for co-working space INSPIRE has been established and approved by the Vice rector of asset and business management Ir. Luhut Sihombing, M.Si, and vice-rector of research, community service, and cooperation, Prof. Mahyuddin K.M. Nasution, Ph.D – is located in the building of Master of Management study program Universitas Sumatera Utara.

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 Vice Rector III, Prof. Mahyuddin Nasution, Ph.D, the Director of MM – Prof. Isfenty, Dr. Esther Nababan-Manager of INSPIRE-USU team, and Ms. Yasmin Mochtar – Coordinator of INSPIRE Mentoring Activities reviewing co-working space and equipment which already  been set up.

Universitas Sumatera Utara through Master of Management study program provides mebelair/ furniture, interior decoration, INSPIRE banner, Internet connection (WIFI), electrical installation and other and other equipment required for co-working space. Grant computer equipment has been accepted by INSPIRE USU and has been plotted in co-working over the approval and support of the chairman of Magister Management study program Prof. Isfenti. All the equipments received are registered in the Asset Bureau of Universitas Sumatera Utara. Official handover to Vice rector of asset and business management is planned to be done in April while holding an internal exhibition in USU. On behalf of Universitas Sumatera Utara, the vice rector for cooperation, also as the quality board of USU INSPIRE team conveys gratitude to Erasmus + for the equipment grants for co-working space at every partner university on the INSPIRE program.

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