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La vie en France (Aghni Syahmarani)

La vie en France

Bonjour!! Je m’appelle Aghni Syahmarani. I’ve just back from my Erasmus+ Mobility Program in Universite Polytechnique Hauts de France (UPHF), Valenciennes, France. I am from Mathematis Departement, Mathematics and Science Faculty in USU. Here, i would like to share you my great experiences during the program. That was really AMAZING!!

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KUI usu was really kind for giving me this opportunity. I got a lot of precious moments and experiences. When i got acceptance email, i jumped and jumped and jumped again. I was really happy. Imagine!! It was full support from Erasmus+ from head to toe. And it was in France!! The country that was dreamed of the most people in this earth. And i would come to this coutry in time. I couldn’t wait to see the fabulous Eiffle Tower. That was like one of your big dream come true. Soooo happy but also nervous at the same time. I was so lucky.
The first experience was when i prepared my visa. That was also my first time to make a visa and that was Schangen Visa!! I though that i looked cool. lol. There were no significant obstacles in arranging my visa. Finished smoothly. And then just waiting for my departure!, I left for paris on 8 September 2018, 17 hours trip and 6 hours transit in Taiwan. So tired but fun. I arrived in Charles de Gaulle Paris on the next day and immediately proceeded to the main city, Valenciennes. I felt a different wether since the beginning come to this country. It was the last days of summers and going to winter, but i didn’t feel “The summer”, it was just cold anyway even the sun bright.

And do you know what myfirst impression about thiscity? It was Quiet. Valenciennes was a small city in north France. It was really quiet and  calm  city.  180  degrees  different  from Medan. Inversely proportional. The air really fresh and clean in all corner of the city. I called it a peaceful city. I’m missing Valenciennes now. I lived in university residence, Jules Mousseron. I spent almost 5 monts in a small room but for me still comfortable. And the important that the wifiwassuper great.

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Now i want to share about UPHF. Universite Polytechnique Hauts de France (UPHF), used to be called University of Valenciennes (UVHF). Here i was during almost 5 months. I got a lot of experiences. I joined programming course in Python there. I got new knowledge to improve my mathematics programming. But i had to adapt to AZERTY style keyboard in all computer in the laboratory, that made me confused at first. I also joined some classes in applied mathematics  master program to get new knowledge in applied mathematics. My mathematics basic  were actually Combinatorial and Operational Research. So that was recent for me to study applied mathamatics which the approach was more technical. I studied about Control Theory, Numerical Treatment, Cryptography and Optimisations. This program was in Science and Technics Faculty (ISTV). The campus was nice, clean, green, with qualified facilities. The wifi was great, the library was really comfort but the books were mostly french 

My difficulty during this program was just about languange. Even i’ve studied french before. I still got a trouble. My french level stil before avarage . Because most of people here just speak french,
rarely can speak english, even the lecturers. Many lecturers and staff at UPHF didn’t speak English. With my terrible french, of course it became hard for me. Especially when in class, lecturers explain in standard french and fast . It was make me a little bit crazy at first. But, my friend helped me alot.Thanks God. International Relation Office UPHF served us with many cultural and sport activities. We went to many museum around Valenciennes and did some sport activities like outbound and skiing. But skiing was canceled because of yellow vest . But i was so honored because UPHF has tried their best to entertain all their guests verry well.

Living in French was delightful. I didn’t get any significant difficulties while staying there. Even my level of french still low, it didn’t matter. I still could make some small conversation with local people, i still could buy something in the market and talk to receptionist in my residence although the grammar still teribble. French people was so friendly, they always said “bonjour” to everyone with big smile. It made me feel comfort while living there. As a muslim, it was still okay too. There were pretty much halal foods around. Because the biggest muslim population in europe was in French. Many Muslims were from Morocco, Algeria, even Senegal. So i was not alone . I met many muslim friends from Morocco there. It was relief!

In Valenciennes, I also met many Indonesian families and we made a chit-chat activity once a week. Some of them often cooked Indonesian foods that treat our longing for Indonesian food and for us as a poor student, it saved our money for food . Our Indonesian relationship who living abroad was really warm. Especially in Valenciennes, we were like finding a new family.

This program gave me so much advantages. I learned a lot!! Not only about academic knowledge, but also about culture of many countries in the world. I met so many incredible people with different background from whole over the world. It gave me so much knowledge. I learned to be more dicipline, hard work, and struggle in any condition and situation. Tried to survive in other country that had so many different cultures and traditions with you. I learned more tolerance, regardless of ethnicity, skin color, economic, social and religious status. We are just fellow humans who must care and love each other.

And you know the best part when you were in Europe? That’s right!! Traveliing!! Yey!! That was not recomended if you come to europe then you just stayed in your area. Oh No!
If you go to Europe, you can go to another country just by taking a bus or train in just couples hours. The distance between countries is quite close. Thats why that explore Europe is a must while you in Europe.
I certainly did it too. I did Europe trip with my friends by renting a car. That was amazing. We spent 2 weeks to explore Europe and got so many crazy experiences. That would never be forgotten. I traveled to Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Prague, Budapest, Roma, Pissa, Zermatt, Barcelona, and of course Paris!! But it ended up spending a lot of my expense T_T, but it was worth it!!
That’s all that i want to share to you. I am very greatful to Erasmus+, UPHF and also KUI USU for giving me this opportunity. I’ll never forget it in all my life. Thank you so much. I have one suggestion. If there is a chance for you to study or something to abroad, just get it! Don’t thing twice! As a young, enrich yourself with extraordinary experiences. As far as you go, the farther you see, the bigger you get.
Merci, Au Revoir, Bon Courage!!!. And These are some gifts from my Europe Trip

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