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Medan-USU, Consulate General Japan in Medan, Mr. Hirofumi Morikawa was doing a honorary visit to Universitas Sumatera Utara at March 20,2017. This visitation was intended to greet the Rector farewell as Mr. Morikawa will soon leave Medan and no longer be a Consulate General Japan in Medan.

Mr. Morikawa has served as a Consulate General Japan in Medan for 2 years. This visitation also to make sure that the cooperation between USU and Japan, especially with the Consulate General will have a continuation in the future as it already began for these years.

Kunjungan Kehormatan dalam rangka Perpisahan Konsul Jendral Jepang kepada Universitas Sumatera Utara


This visitation was attended by the Consulate General itself, Mr. Hirofumi Morikawa and welcomed by the Rector of USU, Prof. Runtung, SH., M. Hum, Dr. dr. Muhammad Fidel Ganis Siregar, M.Ked (OG), Sp. OG(K)(Vice Rector for Finance and Human Resources of USU), Drs. Mahyuddin K. M. Nasution, MIT., Ph.D (Vice Rector for Research, Community Service and Cooperation of USU), Prof. Dr. Ir. Bustami Syam,MSME. (Vice Rector for Information, Planning and Development of USU), Dr. Esther S. M. Nababan (Head of International Affairs Office of USU), Dr. Eng. Himsar Ambarita (Deputy Head of International Affairs Office of USU), and Bisru Hafi S.Sos, M.Si (Head of Public Relation Division of USU)

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